We are CWV Group and we are focused on developing unique Real Estate projects in Miami. As a Family-run company for more than 20 years, we have created superb residential homes in Miami, setting the bar high in regards to quality standards. We are passionate about Miami. We believe Miami as a magical city, capable of awakening architectural and design admiration to the entire world. As a family run business, we understand the importance of a beautiful and safe place to be called HOME.


Our unique real estate projects are aimed to modern families. We are constantly proud of ourselves in creating stunning, eco-friendly smart homes that are as technical as elegant, and as comfortable as functional.

By applying an integrated/ global 360 degrees vision, we deliver state-of-the-art service from the very first sketch, to the last unit sold.

We are absolutely committed to deliver high quality, efficient Real Estate developments, that will last the test of time, setting a legacy of impeccable design, innovation and sophistication. We believe we can help build beyond limits eco-friendly places, depicted as absolute reference of a new urban standard.

CWV Realty has reached its highest selling point since its creation, with more than 100 units sold. The company has also been a consultant in projects such as the Aston Martin Building in Miami. CWV Management manages today more than 300 properties in South Florida.

CWV has built several projects that have received the LEED certification. These are ecological and are at the forefront in the use of energy, smart products and environmental design. CWVGO and CWV Homes respect the highest standards of sustainability, and their residences are equipped with smart technology, a convenience that in Miami was limited to the homes of millions.


OCTAVIO RINALDI - FOUNDER & CEO. CWV DEVELOPMENT, CWV REALTY GROUP, CWV PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, CWV Homes & CWVGO Real estate entrepreneur Octavio Rinaldi, known as the leader of ecological projects, is having a strong impact in Miami. Argentina-born and Miami resident Octavio Rinaldi, a business leader with extensive experience in real estate development, comes from a prestigious family dedicated to various businesses, including real estate projects. Founder and CEO of CWV Development Group, LLC, CWV Realty Group, LLC and co-founder of CWV Property Management, LLC in Miami, Rinaldi has over 20 years of work experience in the South Florida real estate market, and the products his company CWV Development Group builds are aimed at people residing in Miami. For Rinaldi, placing his clients at the top of his priorities and always being at their disposal is part of his work ethic. The services he offers are considered among the best in the real estate industry.


OCTAVIO RINALDI - FOUNDER & CEO. Rinaldi explains that his vast knowledge of the market and his excellent communication with his clients are key to success in international real estate development organizations. This success is evident in the works built by the CWV Development Group, with a total value of 50 million dollars. At the same time, the boutique real estate firm CWV Realty, which works with Latin American investors, has generated more than $300 million in sales since its inception, only two to three years ago.

Rinaldi also exhibits a strong sense of community. Not only he cares about the environment, but he is also devoted to preserving the original architectural styles of the places he develops. This has led him to work for many years with the city of Miami, and especially with West Grove Commissioner Ken Russell, in a plan that provides land for free to the city to create community projects such as small farms and activities for local residents, increasing environmental care and helping the community improve their living standards.

In addition, Rinaldi's architectural designs combine modernism with the original architectural features of the place. One example is the "Bahamian" residences, inspired by the cultural background of local residents whose ancestors came from the Bahamas and founded West Grove.

CWV's main projects are developed in areas such as Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, West Brickell, Coral Gables, and Bal Harbor Island, which have a great local, national and international demand. Rinaldi plays an active role in all companies under the CWV Group. His care and dedication to the community, his efforts to maintain the richness of tradition combined with the protection of the environment and the most advanced technology, and his vision of the future of real estate activity focused on the well-being of the city, make Rinaldi a true leader of the real estate industry.



CINTHYA GORIS - Project Accounting.

JOSEFINA CABALLERO - Project Accounting.


ANDREA ROCCO - Assistant Real Estate Broker.

MARÍA GUTIERREZ - Assistant Project Manager.

MARTA BAJO BARRIO - Senior Project Manager.

ALESSANDRO MAGLIETTA - Senior Project Manager.

FERNANDA MECCIA - Assistant Real Estate Broker.