Oh delightful… Light, sound and temperature just the way you like them and literally in the palm of your hand. Transform a typical movie night into a cinematic experience: make your bedtime bath a trip to the spa.


We know your family’s security and privacy are of the most importance, which is why our homes integrate cutting-edge security technology. You can see who is in and around your property, with a touch of a button on your smartphone. Flip on the lights remotely, and never have to walk into a dark home. With video doorbell, you can see who’s at the door. With CWV, your home is a sanctuary.


We are dedicated to crafting the finest homes for your family while also fulfilling our responsibility to protect the planet. Our homes are designed with eco-friendly materials and innovative energy-saving technology, providing you with the assurance that your smart home contributes to a more sustainable future for your children. We firmly believe that sustainable architecture aims to reduce the adverse environmental effects of buildings by promoting efficiency and the judicious use of materials. Sustainability is at the core of our home designs.


Our custom smart homes are clearly designed with your family in mind. We strive to create the best homes for your family while upholding our responsibility to take care of the planet. Designed with eco-friendly materials and innovative energy-saving technology, you can rest assured that your smart home is helping to leave a better world for your children. Working and playing in your smart home, will make you a “shiny boy”.